Wagendorf Klabauta,  another way of living in Germany, March-June 2009.

In spite of living in Germany, where the Goverment tries to help all the people to find an apartament or a house, there are some places called "Wagendorf" where all kinds of people can live, since students until families, all of them looking for another way of living.


These people have chosen to live there not because they do not have money like people do in some poor countries when they do not have money but just because they want to do it and also because they want to have another kind of life and freedom in their own territory. Almost all the people there work like any other citizen, some of them are teachers, psychologists, carpenters, painters, writers, mechanics and some others are students.


They pay almost 40 Euros every month to live in there. Around 30 people live in this "Wagendorf". They have two bathrooms and two showers, their own pub and even a small cars cinema that they are building in this moment.


There is harmony and happinesss in this place, you can feel it like if they were a family. Some children are running around, some men are working or building a new wagon, and some other  people are just spending their time by talking or just enjoying their day. Many people outside this community do not dare to visit the place because they think that only poor, drunk, unemployed or homeless people live in there but never think that it is just a place like any other where there is only another way of living.